Here at Off Campus Apartments NYC, helping college students and inexperienced renters find their dream apartment is our primary objective and passion. We have an exceptional team with an unparalleled level of expertise, which makes finding apartments suitable for students and first time renters a holistic, and enjoyable process.

Beginning an apartment search can be an unnerving task, particularly in a large city such as Manhattan, where the housing selections are seemingly endless. From the first apartment showing to the eventual lease signing, we make it our priority to stand by our clients by providing them assistance through every step of the process.

We utilize the largest rental listings database in Manhattan, which gives us the capacity to be able to secure apartments that fit every one of our client's needs. It is our mission at Off Campus Apartments to assist our clients with all aspects of the rental process, whether it is helping them navigate the complex application and guarantor process, or negotiating on their behalf. At the end of the day, we strive to provide our clients with the peace of mind needed to find their dream home in the city that never sleeps!


TheGuarantors Listings

Off Campus Apartments has the pleasure of partnering with TheGuarantors, a lease guarantee company that can help you get approved for an apartment in NYC.  It's hard to get approved for an apartment in this city even if you're a highly qualified tenant.  If you're having trouble getting approved, please take a look at our page for TheGuarantors Approved Listings, and check out their site at!

If you're still not sure about who TheGuarantors are or why you'd need them, please check out our explainer page and check out their FAQ section.



Every member of our team maintains a New York State Real Estate License and is a member of The Real Estate Board of New York. Many of our agents have completed hundreds of transactions, allowing them to assist our clients with their vast knowledge base and networks.

When working with an experienced team such as ours, clients can immediately tell the difference due to our level of knowledge and professionalism. For what would originally take several weeks to accomplish, we are able to streamline the rental process for our clients into just a few short days. When a client comes to us with a request, chances are that one of our agents has worked on a similar project, and will have the experience needed to pinpoint specific buildings that would work for the client’s specific needs.